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How to Define the Xennial Woman

By Alibcandid / September 9, 2017

Am I a Xennial Woman?Earlier this summer a Facebook meme caught my eye, it read something to the effect of “How to know if you’re a Xennial.” I took a quick look and actually said out loud, “Hell, yeah! I’m a Xennial. I am a Xennial Woman.” And then I shared it. True story. As […]


What is White Privilege and Why Should I Care?

By Alibcandid / August 31, 2017

The Complicit Generation As a Xennial White Woman, I am obligated to write about white privilege. My generation grew up post Civil Rights Movement. We grew up with Sesame Street, Different Strokes, Dr. Huxtable and Oprah. As a white woman with friends from varied ethnic, religious, and racial backgrounds, I once called myself color blind, […]