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Earning that Feeling of Satisfaction: What is Next

By Alibcandid / April 30, 2017

DAY 30: 30 DAYS OF BLOGGING When I started this venture 30 days ago, I was not really sure what would happen. On multiple levels, I have been surprised. I didn’t really expect anyone to actually read what I wrote, well anyone besides my mom. I have been tickled pink to connect with both friends […]


Where do French ATMs Go On Holiday?

By Alibcandid / April 24, 2017

From day 24 of my 2017 30 minutes a day writing challenge . . . For better or worse, me writing for 30 minutes every day means you get to see more of me. The real me. Not just the “me” that shows up at work or on Facebook or out for a cocktail. The […]